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The Balltec Subsea PIG & Plug Launcher is the world’s first diverless and flangeless subsea PIG and plug launcher. The tool enables the dewatering of pipelines from a cut section of pipe. The launch system can work independently or in conjunction with the Balltec PipeLOK™ recovery tool.

The Subsea PIG & Plug Launcher can grip and seal onto a cut end of a pipe enabling the launch without the need of any additional fixtures. The PIG & plug launcher uses Balltec’s proven gripping and sealing technology to create a fast, safe and reliable connection.

Designed, built and tested to international standards, the Subsea PIG & Plug Launcher complements other services within Balltec’s pipeline solutions range and can be designed to suit specific client specifications or rented from our fleet where available.

Pipe Size: No limitation on pipe diameter or wall thickness

Max Launch Pressure: Designed to suit any operational pressure

Maximum Depth: No depth limit

Interface: Interchangeable adaptors available to suit all designs of A&R connections

Customisable Features: Multiple train configurations and sizes, various launch fluids, dewatering facility, PIG catching and launching, isolation valves and injection ports. Project specific features can be incorporated upon request

Operations: Diverless, rapid subsea installation to cut section of pipe, default gripping and sealing state with high mechanical pre-load for failsafe operation, simple ROV operation allowing multiple subsea connections and disconnections, pressure retaining for longer subsea operations

Class: All Subsea PIG & Plug Launchers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ASME, DNV & NORSOK standards for pressure vessels, PIG and plug launchers and receivers

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