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The Balltec PipeLOK™ is the world’s most reliable pipeline abandonment and recovery tool. Now in the third-generation of evolution, Balltec is proud to call the PipeLOK™ the most efficient engineered product for the laydown and recovery of pipelines and risers.

Balltec can supply PipeLOK™ tools to cover any size of pipe and has the largest fleet of equipment to cover pipe sizes from 4”- 48”. Based on the ball and taper principle, the PipeLOK™ tool is engineered to provide greater re-usability over a broad range of internal pipe diameters. Quality engineering ensures a robust design for multiple lifts and recoveries. With safe working loads of up to 12,000 kN (2,698 kips) and no water depth limitations, Balltec has the tool to suit your project.

The PipeLOK™ is light, compact and offers a default locked state with a high mechanical pre-load for failsafe operations. PipeLOK™ has a faultless, 100% failure free track record over multiple tools and projects.

Custom built PipeLOK™ tools can be manufactured to suit your project requirements and additional features can be engineered into the tools to ensure we have the right solution for any problem.

Pipe Size: No limitation on pipe diameter or wall thickness. Current stock sizes range from 4”- 48”

SWL: Limited only by pipe capacity

Maximum Depth: No depth limit

Interface: Interchangeable adaptors available to suit all designs of A&R connections

Customisable Features: Dewatering facility, pig catching and launching, isolation valves and injection ports. Project specific features can be incorporated at request

Operations: Diverless, rapid subsea insertion, default locked state with high mechanical pre-load for failsafe operation, simple ROV operation allowing multiple subsea connections and disconnections, streamlined profile for easy pipe recovery over ship stinger

Class: PipeLOK™ tools are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable industry standards including ABS, DNV, BV

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