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CoilLOK™ is specifically designed to aid in the handling of coiled tubing.

CoilLOK™ is available in sizes ranging from 1” – 3.5” and has been engineered to gain the maximum SWL whilst remaining compact enough for use through injector heads and light enough for simple hand-held operation. The CoilLOK™ can be used over injector head goosenecks from 72”.
CoilLOK™ tools can be manufactured with a range of interfaces including pad-eye, clevis head and wire adaptors as well as custom made options for alternative applications.

CoilLOK™ offers a range of benefits, including:

Instant hand-held connect and disconnect
No protrusions allowing the tool to pass easily through the injector head
Standard designs available covering a broad range of sizes
High load capacity
Proven in the field ball & taper mechanical grip
Custom made options for alternative applications
Custom made interface and accessory design available

Custom built CoilLOK™ tools can be manufactured to suit your project requirements and additional features can be engineered into the tools to ensure we have the right solution for any problem

Sizes Available: 1”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2”, 2.375”, 2.875”, 3.5”

Wall Thickness: All standard coiled tubing sizes

SWL: Current range up to 40 kN (9 kips) depending on CT specification

Minimum Bend Radius: Depending on coiled tubing specification. Current designs allow for goosenecks of 72” upwards

Interface: Coiled tubing handling tools are supplied with a standard thread and can also be supplied to interface with a clevis head, pad-eye, knuckle joint or other fittings to suit customer specification

Failsafe: Supplied with a choice of either a knurled or hex locking nut as standard

Class: Tested in accordance with DNV Standards for Certification No. 2.22 Lifting Appliances

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