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The patented Helical Connector™ is a simplified subsea mooring connector suitable for the most demanding mooring applications. The Helical Connector™ is built on Balltec’s experience in subsea moorings and are specifically designed to retain ease of use whilst reducing parts count and negating the need for corrosion inhibitors and environmental seals.

The design of the Helical Connector™ combines the top entry, self-aligning and speedy installation features of the MoorLOK™ with the design simplicity of a traditional ROV H-link or shackle. The Helical Connector™ is a simple 3-piece connector consisting of a male element, female element and connecting pin.

The Helical Connector™ offers:

Self aligning, diverless, top entry connection
Quick and easy connection
One ROV operation to connect/disconnect
Corrosion allowance applied to all surfaces; seals and chemicals are not required
No requirements for special tools to install or release
Can be used with any anchor type at any depth
Simple pinned connection

A custom built Helical Connector™ can be manufactured to suit your project requirements and additional features can be engineered into the tools to ensure we have the right solution for any problem.

MBL: No limit. Current design up to 30,000 kN (6,744 kips)

Maximum Depth: No depth limit

Service Life: Designs up to 52 years

Interface: Connectors can interface directly to mooring chain, LTM shackles, H-links, Y-links, sockets and other mooring jewellery

Anchor Types: Suction pile, driven pile, gravity bases, drag embedment anchors, SEPLA anchors, torpedo anchors and any other subsea structure

Material: All load bearing machined components are manufactured from forged ASTM A182 F22 (mod) steel bar to Balltec proprietary specification. Balltec is in partnership with Ofar S.p.A, Italy, for the forging of load bearing components.

Applications: FPSO, FSO, drill ships/platfoms, TLP, buoys, SPAR, tidal energy devices, floating wind turbines, buoyancy restraints, flowline tiebacks, semi-submersible platforms and other moored structures

Operations: ROV assisted connection for rapid subsea installation, compact design that does not compromise on robustness or strength, fail-safe during zero loading or inversion

Class: The Helical Connector™ is manufactured in accordance with all recognised industry standards including ABS, DNV, BV and Lloyds

Approvals: Current approvals for forgings up to 600 mm (24”) diameter, the world’s largest single forging diameter approval for a mooring connector

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