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Balltecs Facilities

Balltec manufactures, assembles and tests all of its products from its head office and workshop facility in the UK. In 2011 Balltec re-located to new premises to house an expanding workforce and larger more complex engineering solutions. The workshop, stores and office facility is equipped to facilitate large-scale projects to meet the growing demands of the oil, gas and renewable industries and to ensure safer delivery of services.

Balltec facilities comprise of:

Main Workshop

Balltec’s main 3,720 m² (40,000 ft²) workshop has an eaves height of 18 m (59 ft) with a main gantry crane of 25 mT (55 kips) overhead crane spanning the full 35 m (115 ft) width of the building. There is a secondary crane on the same beam of 10 mT (22 kips) and another crane spanning the full width of 5 mT (11 kips) giving a 30 mT (66 kips) capacity in dual lift mode. The workshop is fitted out with a hydraulic clean area, storage racking and office facilities for visiting inspectors.

The main workshop houses the following test rigs:

Vertical: 2,000 mT (4,409 kips), 400 mT (882 kips)
Horizontal: 4,000 mT (8,819 kips), 1,500 mT (3,307 kips), 800 mT (2,205 kips), 500 mT (1,102 kips) with 3,000 mm stroke

The workshop also has significant office accommodation with room for on-site clients and outside there is a substantial yard space.

Fabrication Facility

Balltec’s fabrication facility comprises 1,150 m² (12,500 ft²) workshop and has a 12 m (39 ft) eaves height and 35 m (115 ft) width.

The fabrication facility includes a 5 mT (11 kips) overhead crane as well as three extraction bays for welding. Other fabrication services are available upon request.

To arrange a consultation or for further information, please visit our contact us page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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